Reflectionships Episode Six Show Notes

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Reflectionships Epsiode 3 & 4 Show Notes

These are totally late, but I don’t have much to add. If you haven’t listened to episodes 3 & 4 of the podcast, you can check them out here on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and Spotify.

While episode three rounded out the story of how Gaspare and I met, episode four got pretty intense as we started to look into some of our negative core belief structures. Chantalle takes you on a journey to identify your core beliefs by looking back into subconscious thoughts and memories.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety, or low self-esteem, listen to episode four of the podcast and take a look at this worksheet that will help you chronicle and begin to challenge some of your beliefs.

Books that I can recommend for dealing with depression and anxiety include:

The Generalized Anxiety Disorder Workbook – This pal saved my life and gave me a lot of great tools that I use regularly to combat anxiety and chronic worry. Definitely worth a look.

Mind Over Mood – This is a workbook as well, and I just started going through it. It’s geared mostly towards those who suffer with depression, but it’s a really great course that focuses on positive core beliefs and being mindful of how we structure our criticism.

Also, don’t forget to watch this excellent Tedtalk by BrunĂ© Brown about the importance of vulnerability in our lives, and how sharing our feelings is a strength rather then a weakness.


Reflectionships: Episode Two Show Notes

If you haven’t caught up on our relationship podcast, “Reflectionships” you can download it on iTunes, GooglePlay or Stitcher or feel free to listen right here.


So, we talked about sex a little bit this week, and we wanted to include a few resources for you if you wanted more information on a few of the topics we covered.

The song this week was ‘Pizza and Video Games’ by Warmer Winds.

A study on average Penis sizes around the world.

Gaspare lived in the solarium of his old apartment. This is what a Solarium looks like, for those who aren’t in the know. I think it’s a bit of an old-fashioned word. Either that or I just prefer balconies.

A Solarium. Not for living in, only for aloe plants and wicker furniture.

This is the wine with the glass cork that Gaspare and I drank the night we… well, you know ^_~!

Are you a Serial Monogamist? Some of these points come across as a little negative, but believe it or not, Cosmopolitan has a pretty decent list here. Granted, Gaspare and I still check out other men and women and then talk about how hot they were, because we’re THAT couple.

(Gaspare would also like to point out that I sometimes text him pictures of hot, half-naked models while he’s at work. Mostly because it’s funny.)

Consent – Yes means yes, no means no, and every response must be respected. If you had any questions surrounding the idea of consent, please check out THIS resource from the Anti-Violence Project where they go into a decent amount of detail regarding what constitutes consent.