#ResetSaturday – Reclaiming Your Mental Health

As someone who has been fighting with depression and anxiety for the vast majority of their adult life, I fought with self-improvement for a long time. It seemed like so much “self-help” that I grew up with found deep roots in criticism. Criticism is deeply triggering for me, and often leaves me feeling exhausted and morose.

It staggers me when I see people who can take it in stride and swiftly implement changes. I am not one of those people.

When I began to realize that my fear of criticism was leaving me in arrested development, I knew I needed to approach it in a way that was self-driven and motivational. So, for the past few months, I’ve been trying something a little different.


What does that mean to me? It means doing whatever I need to do to reestablish my truth – to motivate me back into my optimum head-space so that I can lay out another productive week.

But I don’t fill myself with empty promises, or structure myself with rewards. I don’t go to the spa, or treat myself lavishly. I don’t treat myself to junk-food, or subdue my anxious mind with a few glasses of wine.

#ResetSaturday is not about taking it easy and patting myself on the back. It’s a period of serious reflection where I ask myself a bunch of tough questions to refocus my determination.

Here’s a list of questions for you to take some time and ask yourself today to reflect back on your week and readjust for the week ahead.

  1. What were my successes?
  2. Did I fail to achieve to the standard I hold myself to?
  3. Do these standards need to change, or does my work ethic need to change?
  4. Was I at all disappointed with my hustle this week?
  5. Did I express joy in my work?
  6. Did I give people enough of my time this week? Who needs more from me? Who needs less?
  7. What did I say “Yes” to that I should have said “No” to? What did I say “No” to when I should have said “Yes”?
  8. Have I forgiven myself for where I went wrong this week?
  9. Have I expressed self-respect for all the things I did right?
  10. Am I expressing gratitude for all of the incredible things I have done and are capable of doing?
  11. Am I procrastinating/hesitating around hurdles in my work? Do I have someone in my life who can help/teach me?

The most important aspect of #ResetSaturday is that it comes from a place of self-love. I don’t ask myself these questions because I’m a disappointment who is looking to point at my failures.

I am taking this time to reestablish discipline because being productive makes me feel strong.

I am taking this time to recalibrate my direction because I can only continue my journey if I know where I’m going.

I am taking this time to reinvigorate my spirit because my body and mind can not do the work if my heart and my soul can not answer the call.

#ResetSaturdays ensures to me that next Saturday, I will be stronger than I am today and gives me pause to measure that growth.

How do you “Reset” for the new week?